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Mr. Gigafist found himself in quite a predicament. He got attacked by a bunch of irradiated raiders who are out for his blood. Little did they know that they were up against a master of martial arts, ready to beat them to a bloody pulp with his one-punch technique.

The local populace of mutated cactus men caught sight of the ongoing brawl and decided to cheer for our hero. Unfortunately, their presence does more bad than good. The more fans Mr. Gigafist has, the harded the brawling becomes for him. Thank goodness the locals have the right mind to throw him a beer or two.


WASD to move
Move your mouse to look around
Left mouse button & right mouse button to attack
Press space when moving to dodge in movement direction
Press R to reset the game
Beer heals you
The green cactus-like dudes are your fans, they will sometimes throw beer for you.
The ring in the center is the safest place from the mob of your fans following you.

Audio- Jabsley
Code - Reymar
Assets - Shodanon

Special thanks to your ideaguy, Szyszq 
and the patient wife, Ania! 
Shout outs go to /agdg/ 
And cheers to the wonderful Ludum Dare community!

We'd like to thank all the people and institutions whose work was used in this game for sharing their work through Creative Commons. The full list of assets will be available soon.


Mr. Gigafist.zip 25 MB
Mr. Gigafist Linux.7z 26 MB

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