A downloadable game for Windows

We hope you'll have fun playing the latest Ludum Dare Jam entry by team Beelzebox!

The theme is: "Running out of power".

We decided to create a top-down zap 'em up.  Making this project during the weekend was a lot of fun.

You play as a pagan deity, capable of bringing down lightning from the sky. You are being worshipped by a local village. The village has been suffering from famine and disease lately and to make things worse, a HORDE OF MONSTERS is besieging it!

It’s up to you to protect the only reason you exist- the villagers, your followers. Without their prayers, you will perish.

Find out how many monsters you can zap with your lightning and how many waves you’ll survive.

Prod your worshipers to pray faster, increasing your damage multiplier. You can even sacrifice a villager for an extra damage boost!

But remember: every villager generates a small amount of mana. When you or the monsters kill too many, you will run out of juice.

Manage your resources and strike with precision. Share your high score in the comments!


Reymar: lead programmer, splash screen, menus, mechanics

Shodanon: coding, art, models, animations, audio

Zlug: Idea guy


Besmitten.zip 28 MB

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