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Beelzebox the demon threw you into a small dungeon. Now he sends armies of his most trusted minions down there just to vanquish you. Even if you won't survive, you'll keep fighting wave after wave of hellish bastards, the more you'll take with you the better.

Remember to:

  1. Pick up and use the best weapon you can find, check DPS in STAT window
  2. Get better items from the chest
  3. Distribute stat and skill points
  4. Kill all the bastards
  5. Survive

Beelzebox is a Diablo-inspired wave-based ARPG made for the 1roomRPGjam, our first ever entry in a game jam. The project started a bit late (17th of February) but we hope to keep developing it! We plan to add more skills, items and overall fun (perhaps through the inclusion of multiplayer). Keep a look out for new builds!
Two versions are available, for either 64-bit or 32-bit Windows users.

Main credits:

Shodanon - design, coding, art and sound

JackKm - systems coding

Jabsley - composer

WoJiaoAnna - ideawife

All our love goes to friends that supported this project during the 10 days on the fast lane, especially our idea guys and constructive critics: Zlug, Anarchizer, Thrudgel and Szyszek. Shout outs to /agdg/

More information

Published 244 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags3D, Action RPG, Atmospheric, Dark, Hack and Slash, Isometric, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


Beelzebox.rar (39 MB)
Beelzebox_32bit.rar (37 MB)

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